Welcome to KaZoe Webpage

KaZoe is a free GPLv3 software content management system designed for Web site publishing.
It based on apache/php5.
It use many w3c standard like XSL, XML, XHTML, CSS...
It is very flexible, and provide a standard way to build a large website in tree model.
KaZoe use a full separation between:

  • PHP programmation KaZoe core
  • Data, informations of the website Node pages
  • Template, theme for display the website Skin template

Server Technology

This software is written in PHP5, and relies on a SQL database.
At this moment, Posgres is the database used, but, KaZoe can easily ported to mysql or sqlite (it use PDO to access to the database).
The server must also have Apache Rewrite module enable.

What is KaZoe ?

KaZoe isn't an easy system like joomla.
It need knowledge from administrator in XML/XHTML (to write node and static page), XSL/CSS (to write template), SQL/PHP (to write dynamic page).
It's more near SPIP, but all template system is based on XSL.
It's a good framework for large town website.
In KaZoe, you don't write pages with a browser in the website, but, in sources, with you editor.
You may need a source manager like Subversion.


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